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Passwords are the weak link in many security strategies. If you are not using a password manager, you probably have a handful of passwords used in numerous online services, apps and devices. Those trusty passwords have probably been serving you for… well, pretty much forever.

Have you had a look at services like Give it a go. You might be surprised.

The solution is simple enough. Until every website, service and app can stop using passwords, you will need a unique, impossible to brute-force and unfortunately impossible to remember password. A password manager can make that happen for you.

After that chore, if you still want to use any of your accounts, that password manager can better be as available, fast and easy as can be. Bitwarden shines in this regard. The web interface is fast and easy. There are add-ons for most browsers and apps for Android and iOS. Auto-filling and Auto-saving, fast search and context-aware suggestions make life a lot easier when you no longer actually know any of your passwords.

This is one of the few services that do not use Attic Member accounts. That is a conscious choice. I use Attic Warden intensively. In case of disaster recovery of my infrastructure, I need Attic Warden to run stand-alone since it holds most of the keys to my kingdom. I would not want to have to try and restore a functional Active Directory infrastructure without access to Attic Warden…

This implies that anyone can use Attic Warden. Feel free to create an account to give it a go. As with all projects here, if you require any availability guarantees, or don’t want to have to take my word concerning privacy and security, I would encourage you to host your own!