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An Open Source solution to have the on-premise equivalent of
The most basic functionality is to paste a bunch of information in a text field, click a button to get a link and with that link you can access that information.
Some of the more advanced features:

  • Assymetric encryption
    The server does not see the unencrypted content of the message or the encryption key at any point. The message is encrypted client side and they is part of the URL you receive to display the message. Genius in it’s simplicity.
  • Expiring messages
    After a while, a message goes bey-bey. I have currently not allowed non-expiring messages. It would take some manual database management to get those removed. The longest term for a message is currently one year.
  • Burn-on-read
    This is the feature that makes it a worthy equivalent for The link to display the message can only be used once. The moment the message is displayed, the data is no longer in the database. Perfect for sending passwords or other information where the recipient needs to be absolutely sure no one has seen or will ever see that information.
  • Files
    Even better than, you can also attach a file to a message. the file and filename are also encrypted end-to-end. The maximum filesize is currently 10MB.
  • Formatting
    You can format text in MarkDown. It’s got a learning curve, but it’s kinda nice. There is also automatic source code formatting and color coding for various languages.
    Oh, and there’s plain text available, too!