An overview of currently active projects which are publicly available.

  • Attic Chat (open)
    A web-client for the Matrix. True Open, Libre and private communication. This is the project that got everything started…
  • Attic Parley (open)
    I video chat and conferencing server. Not accounts needed, just create a meeting and invite anyone with a simple URL.
  • Attic Searx (open)
    An Open Source anonymous search aggregator.
  • Attic Secret (open)
    Technically, a pastebin. This one has some added features which makes it a perfect replacement
  • Attic Warden (open)
    The best password manager I’ve worked with so far.

There are more projects available or being built, but some are rather resource consuming, or require additional management or capacity per user. To keep the required capcity in check, those projects are only available to Attic Members.

Feel free to sign up if you want to see more!