Attic Studios is actually the sum of my personal hobbies. It started out with computers, networking and video editing, for which I setup camp on my parents attic when I was a kid. By the time internet was always-on and I could afford a domain name, I have always run my own mail server for, home of a handful of mailboxes for family and friends. Nothing actually ever happened with Attic Studios, for long it was just my personal e-mail domain name.

Not too long ago, I decommissioned my last on-premises mail server and moved to Office 365. It never really sat right, but it is how the IT landscape is reshaping, right? Mailboxes to Exchange Online, personal and shared data to OneDrive and Teams, inevitable to stay on top of things in IT! Right?

Well… not necessarily, so it seems!

I recently stumbled upon a plethora of free time. Professional reorientation, corona pandemic, circumstances to keep me locked inside with oodles of time for family, and revisiting some old hobbies. I promised myself I would come out of this smarter.

Some Raspberry Pi had been lurking about for ages, waiting for a purpose. I I started learning Python and finding my way around Linux after a lifetime of Microsoft environments. This quickly led to the vast Open Source world. Microsoft Partner Center, Office 365 and Azure portals have made room for Github and endless lists of fascinating and/or useful projects to have a look at. My enthusiasm to actually do something with computers has been rekindled…