I have had a Jitsi Meet server running as one of my earlier Linux / Open Source projects to have a solution for my kids to easily connect with anyone, without having to make accounts on a variety of instant messaging or social media networks. That was supposed to be for internal use and was hosted on parley.langers.be.

This week, all infrastructure running the Attic Studios projects has been upgraded (more on that later) and somehow Jitsi Meet did not survive the migration. I am clueless as to ‘why’ because, technically, the entire VM was simply moved to another host. Since I had a new installation for Attic Studios planned anyway, there seemed no better time for that than now.

So, one brand new machine running Jitsi Meet has been added to privacy arsenal and Attic Parley is available in the Open Projects! More information about the installation is available on the project page.

You can reach Attic Parley on https://parley.atticstudios.be. Feel free to use it, provide feedback, or install your own!