Hello! Welcome on the Attic Studios website.

With the Attic Studios website, I want to try and join the many people who put the information out there that helps out someone from time.

Even this website is an adventure on its own, I’ve never gotten this far before! It’s a work in progress, and I hope it will be for quite some time…

I will be bundling trials and adventures with Open Source projects while I continue to try and find my way in a brand new world (for me). The goal is to build as many fun, interesting and/or possibly useful services with a focus on some basic principles:

  • based on Open Source, Libre solutions
  • hosted locally on my own infrastructure
  • If authentication is required or desired, this would preferably allow LDAP integration. This will allow access to everything with one single account, the Attic Member account.
  • I need to understand enough of how it works to help someone else out to run the service themselves if they would like to.

I do not necessarily want this to be a limiting factor, but my current interest goes out mainly towards solutions to improve privacy and security, and allow reclaiming personal data from third-party-managed cloud services.
I’ll declare this “Attic Mission 1

If some project page could be the result of someone’s search and help out to get some bit or part working, that would be awesome. If any content could inspire someone to run some project(s) for themselves, even better!

For any questions, comments, tips or advice, remarks, jokes, typo’s, generally useful information, feel free to reach out!